Hernia disc neck

The nuts have a fascinating position on the neck, and humans can rotate their heads in different directions. In general, the neck of the human has seven vertebrae that is caused by the first and second articular vertebrae that causes the head to have rotary movements. There is no disc tissue between the two vertebrae (first and second beads), but there are discs in between the other vertebrae. Neck bodies may be damaged in various conditions, for example, if pressure is applied to the neck vertebrae or Inappropriate or rotational movements occur, or the neck is placed in inappropriate positions, all can cause damage to the neck beads. Other cases of injury can include sudden movements to the front and back. Especially when driving or braking, or at the time of a fall, which causes very bad conditions for the neck and neck of the disc. And they are really harmful. When the neck cuff is damaged, there are limitations in movement and a person with neck pain. However, if the neck disks or tears are displaced, known as the hernia of the neck, it will lead to pressure on the nerve or spinal roots. If this pressure is only on the root of the nerve, in the scapula, arm and forearm The feeling of anxious pain is felt and in the hands of the hands and fingers, it feels numb and sensual changes, but if pressure is directly on the spinal cord, which is very dangerous, it will disrupt the arms and legs. The stiffness of the limbs and the movement problems will be known as Milopathy.


If only the symptoms of the patient are reduced to the neck and arms, the first step is medical treatment and limitation of neck movement and the use of a medical necklace. If there is no response to medical treatment, surgical treatment is recommended. But Surgery is essential if you have pressure on the spinal cord and cause myopathy.

Surgical method:

It is usually done by the neck and through the anterior disks of the neck surgery. After removing the neck, the prosthesis is used to prevent further complications as an alternative.