Hernia disc lumbar

Disease characteristic: In the human waist, there are generally five vertebrae and five discs between the vertebrae; this is possible by performing abnormal movements and doing heavy work, a high disk pressure, inappropriate walking, standing, doing activities, and Working, sitting, lifting heavy objects, excessive obesity, muscle weakness, … all of which cause the disc between the vertebrae to be torn down and even rupture the disc between the vertebrae (disc herniation) . By pushing the root of the nerve, it causes pain, which in the term refers to the pain of the sciatica, and these pains are pulled up to the leg, and the height of the nerve is increased by standing up and walking. Initial treatment for this Disease is the use of medical treatment with rest.

What conditions require surgery?

Surgery is necessary in the following cases: – With medical and rest treatments, there is no recovery in the pain of the legs – Spastic dysfunction or leg disorder – Recurring pains that do not cause normal activity. Different surgical procedures exist. This is done according to the patient’s symptoms, age, vertebral disorder, lumbar spinal cord conditions, and vertebrae.

Surgical Procedures:

Surgical procedures include: Endoscopic methods – Less invasive methods such as radiofrequency or Coblation – Surgical methods for treating surgical treatment of the lumbar disc should also be aware that there is no place for such a method in the treatment of lumbar disc surgery. One mistake is in the less invasive way against open surgery that has taken place among people. It is better to give your doctor the best and most effective way to treat.