Pituitary tumors

One of the most important organs in the human body is the pituitary. A very small size of the hippopotamus, which is about five to eight millimeters in diameter, known as a hormone secreting gland in the body. The pituitary’s placement in It is inside a bony prosthesis called Zine Turm or Slutskaya, which is located inside the skull. On the other hand, the pituitary is located below the optic nerve and connected to Hypertalomas by a small connector called the hypophysis stem. The physiologist of this gland, although very small, can do a lot of work A fairly large appearance has been made of: – control of other body fluids – body growth – adjustment of the metabolic system or metabolism – blood sugar – blood electrolytes – pregnancy – sexual issues – lactation – and … the cells of this The glands, given that they are always in operation, are likely to become tumorous, as among the most common brain tumors, the pituitary has assigned the third place after glioma and meningom.


Pituitary tumors are divided into several categories?

Generally speaking, pituitary tumors are divided into two groups: the first group includes tumors that secrete the hormone and are called Functional, and according to the type of hormone secreted The first type is the growth hormone secretion and is known as acromegaly. Second, ACIU secretes and causes Cushing’s disease. Type III: Prolactinase secretion known as prolactinoma. Causing infertility and secretion of milk from the breasts as well as menstrual disorder. Secondly, the tumor By which hormones are known and named Non functional.



The symptoms of the hormone secretion depend on the type of hormone. For example, in prolactinoma, which is a proliferating hormone prolactin, the intestines cause infertility and secretion of milk from the breasts and cause a menstrual disorder, and if the tumor is large, it can also lead to visual impairment, and in men leads to infertility, low Sexually transmitted diseases and visual impairment. Tumors that produce growth hormone secretion lead to an abnormal height when pre-puberty and are known as gigantism, but leading to post-puberty It became acromegaly that in such an over-abnormal and abnormal maxillofacial disease, enlargement, L Nose, enlargement of the tongue, enlargement of the hands and feet, especially on the fingers, causes changes in the sound and thickness of the skin, and ultimately can cause heart problems. If the cortisol hormone seeks to increase ACTH , It will lead to Cushing’s disease, which will lead to an increase in blood pressure and blood glucose and excessive obesity in such a disease of obesity and enlargement of the abdomen, resulting in the formation of pink lines on the arms and abdomen and legs. Had


Non-Hormone Tumors or Non-Functional Thoracic:

On the optic nerve, it causes symptoms of pressure and also leads to diminished vision, and if they are advanced, they will have blindness. Among the cases that may be seen are headaches and symptoms that are present in the disease. There is also a pituitary.


Treatment for pro-lactate disease is the first stage of medical treatment and usually drugs such as bucocriptine, dexamethasone are effective. If there is bleeding in the tumor or cystic tumor, or resistance to or intolerance of the tumor, it is recommended that a surgical use Other treatments for pituitary secretion tumors, which include Cushing’s, non-spasmodic and acromegaly tumors, are in the first stage of surgery and surgery should be used for the treatment of the tumor, which is possible with surgical treatment of the drug. Radiation therapy is also available in certain cases that are dependent on tumor conditions, but it is recommended to be used in invasive tumors.