Brain endoscopy

One of the new methods used today in the treatment of some brain lesions is endoscopy. These brain lesions can include cysts, toxins, or hydrocephalus. In the medical arena, less invasive or less invasive methods are used more often than others, as there are many advances in the field of technology and digital optics and systems. Is. Perhaps, about 100 years ago, for the first time, surgeons made great efforts to use endoscopy to treat brain lesions, but they did not succeed if they did not have the necessary tools, but about 20 years ago, surgeons were able to use practical endoscopy techniques. And today they are widely used in medical science and neurosurgery using endoscopy. Neural and brain elements are protected by the use of endoscopy because of their special anatomy, as well as by their brains and skull bones. The brain creates limitations but to heart The development of new endoscopy devices makes it possible to achieve brain lesions. In general, we can say that the endoscopy method has a special elegance, and in addition to reducing the amount of cutting and opening the skull, the brain damage will be much lower, and remember that on the other hand, it also has certain limitations. .

Endoscopy in tumor of the skull base

Tumors of the pelvic floor area, especially pituitary tumors, spontaneous and paranachal sinus tumors, can be done by the nose and sinuses with endoscopy, and in such tumors the use of the endoscopic technique will be very helpful because, due to the relationship between nasal sinus Access to the base of the skull is Moya. Under such conditions, in normal anatomical elements, better visibility and less damage can be achieved, cysts of this part and many tumor lesions are surgically utilized with endoscopy.

Intracranial lesions (intraocular endoscopy)

Can be treated in such a way (endoscopy) and extends beyond the scope of the treatment of the disease, and this method is helpful and useful for many bloodshed, tumors, brain lesions and cysts. In addition to using this technique, it can be used as a complementary tool to reduce the complications and enhance the quality of surgery. Because of the new flexible endoscopes, surgeons have been able to do more exercise.

Endoscopy in hydrocephalus

Perhaps we can say that the most effective and best when used in brain lesions from endoscopes is the treatment of hydrocephaly. In the past, the only way to treat hydrocephalus was through the use of brain shunt, and brain stinging was a foreign body, and its complications, including disorders and infections in tradition, caused many complications and recurred, but nowadays Due to the presence of an endoscope, it is possible to perform hydrocephaly treatment, and this is a very good result, but the fact is that endoscopy is the best way to treat hydrocephalus now. Finally, it’s necessary to know in hydrocephalus The obstructive and multi-leukulite sample is a useful cavity. The clinician is responsible for detecting this copper She has been in charge.