Postoperative care

مراقبت بعد از عمل

The average time for post-operative care for the lumbar spine depends on factors such as general health, the nutritional status, and the history of other illnesses, especially those with diabetes, which may be longer in some cases. Considering such issues as discontinuation Cigarettes, especially after the surgery, can help improve as much as possible. Because smoking can cause a slowdown in the repair process. This surgery uses absorbent sutures that will not require suturing. However, if non-absorbent thread is used as needed, then About two weeks, wounds are commonly swollen and you should refer your doctor to stitches.
What should be observed for wound care?
As mentioned above, the duration of suturing and stitching for two weeks. The wound and the surgical site should be kept clean and sterilized and apply daily for dressing. For dressing, you can use sterile materials such as iodine. You can also use waterproof sterilizers that are available in pharmacies. This sterile gas is such that the patient can easily do his own bleaching process without wetting the dressing. For a long time Do not fall asleep until too much pressure on the wound.
What time can I get a bath after lumbar disc surgery?
In this case, it is best to avoid bathing for 10 days so that the wound is not in contact with water. Then consult your doctor for bathing.
Care after lumbar disc surgery
Try to exercise your feet to allow blood to flow in your body. There is no shortage of food and it is better to use laxatives. Use medical mattresses to sleep. It is recommended to use the bed instead of sleeping on the floor. Use a lumbar bruise for a period of three months. Avoid hard work. After about 10 days to two weeks for pulling stitches, if you Use non-absorbent sutures. At some times, you may feel pain with burning, which is quite normal, and if you feel pain you can use analgesics.