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Neurosurgery Specialist – Disk and Spine – Skull Base Tumors
Graduate course in the field of skull base surgery in the center of I.N.I in Germany
Graduate degree in Stereotactics in Germany
The course of the brain endoscopy of the skull base
Member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Association of Iranian Neurosurgeons
Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, Milad Hospital
Secretary of the Neurosurgery Congress at Milad Hospital
Assistant Professor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences from 1995 to 1999
Assistant Professor of Kashan University of Medical Sciences from 1992 to
1994 Occupation of brain tumors, especially skull base tumors, CPA tumors and pituitary tumors
Performing more than 3,500 surgeries in brain tumors
Performing more than 4,000 spinal surgery
Performing more than 1000 surgeries in pituitary tumors